Working with MRT Laboratories, Inc.
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Ordering from MRT Laboratories, Inc.

Regional and customizable allergen profiles are available to order

Regional profiles have been designed to include prevalent allergens in the different geographical regions in the United States. Customized profiles are available upon request

Request Forms and supplies can be obtained sending an email or by calling the lab at 800-631-1379 or 201-342-5400.

Tests are ordered by checking the individual box for specific allergens. Regional profiles have been designed to include prevalent allergens in different regions throughout the United States.

Customized profiles are available upon request. Please print all information on order forms in ink.

MRT Laboratories, Inc. provides at no charge: Transfer tubes, order forms, patient history, and postage paid pre-addressed mailers

  1. Draw blood in 15 ml size red top vacutainer tube
  2. Keep blood at room temperature for approximately 30 minutes, then centrifuge specimen for 10 minutes
    • This will ensure proper separation of serum from the cells. Carefully pipette serum into the transfer tubes
  3. Label each serum vial with the patient’s full name and date of birth and securely cap the vial
  4. Place the tube in styrofoam holder with absorbent pad in the biohazard bag and place in the cardboard mailer with the completed request form enclosed

Note: Unlabelled specimen tubes will not be accepted by MRT Laboratories, Inc. for testing, and will be returned to you.

getting lab results

Receive lab results fast

Access your patients lab results electronically or get them faxed or posted directly to you. Our servers are fully encrypted and access is as easy as using your web browser
1. Request to receive lab results electronically

If you’re already a client of ours, simply let us know that you’d like to start receiving your patient allergy testing results electronically. We’ll set up a folder on our secure server with password protection and start placing your patient’s test reports in the folder so you can view them through your browser. We’ll assign you a Username and Password and URL-Internet link to your secure web folder so that you may login to retrieve your lab reports as soon as they are ready.

2. Lab tests
Send us your patient’s blood samples for allergy testing as you normally would.

3. Retrieving lab results
When your patient’s test results are ready we’ll upload the report to our secure server as a plain text file (see samples) and then notify you that the results can be viewed. Then, you simply click on the link in your email and a box will pop up asking for your Username and Password. After you enter the correct Username and Password the lab report will become visible in your browser as a plain text file.


MRT Laboratories, Inc. offers a simple billing procedure for all customers

Whether you are a healthcare provider, patient or insurance carrier, we cater to your needs and make payments fast, easy and secure

   Client Account
For physicians, laboratories, hospitals, accountable care organizations and clinics, a professional fee schedule is used. The client is responsible for charges incurred and pays MRT Laboratories, Inc. directly via invoice or by monthly statement. Individual invoices by patient and monthly statements are provided.

   Patient Account
For patient billing, a patient fee schedule is used. The patient is responsible for charges incurred and pays directly to MRT Laboratories, Inc. by check, American Express, Mastercard, Visa or Discover. Post payment a paid invoice is mailed to the patient.

   Insurance Billing
Please provide a copy of insurance card and name of subscriber. Complete section on reverse side of the request form.

Please note

  • Medicare may limit testing to 30 individual allergens (specific IgE) in a 12 month period
  • A signed Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN) should accompany the sample if more than 30 allergens are requested
  • Allergen specific IgG4* is not covered by MediCare

*This test is not available for specimens collected in New York